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University of Dayton, Ohio; Master of Science in Electrical Engineering;
May 3, 1998
University of Dayton, Master of Computer Science,
May 2, 1993
Universidad Nacional de Colombia,Bogota, Colombia. S.A. BSEE,
October 4,1973


WordPress developer: Webmaster of several Websites,,,, etc.

Programming languages: C#,Java, JSP, Oracle PL/SQL,PHP, SQL, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, C++, C, and various other languages.

Windows programming: IPAS Software Engineering Project. IPAS is an implementation of

VHDL programming: Implementation of Floating Point Arithmetic in VHDL for a Digital
Signal Processor, Thesis for Master Of Science in Electrical Engineering.

the International Phonetics Alphabet using Windows programming and multimedia. Familiar
with Object Oriented Design and experience with Borland’s OWL and Microsoft’s MFC.

Ada,Turbo Pascal: BlueSlip program. Computer Program that tracks the engineering
tasks used by the Air Force (ASC/AEEA). Sch program. Schedule librarians of the Dayton
Public Montgomery Public Library.

Assembly languages: Experience with 6800, 68000 and RISC architectures.

HTML home pages design: Design of many Home pages like this one.


Retired from US Air Force, August 31, 2014- Present

US Air Force, AFRL/RYWD; WPAFB, OH; January 10,2001-2014

Computer Systems Senior Electronic Warfare Engineer

Responsible for DEES Oracle database administration,design and development. It provides data management, data analysis and historical files to Dynamic Eletromagnetic Environment Simulator (DEES). The database supports the objectives of the DEES: conduct research, exploratory and advanced development of electronic warfare (EW) simulation technologies; perform assessment/demonstrations to determine the effectiveness of EW systems; support all phases of weapon systems development involving fielded and next generation EW systems. The database is hosted in a server with Linux OS and its development is being performed with the Oracle 9i languages PL/SQL, Javar Serves Pages (JSP), Java, JavaScript, HTML and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) using a Windows 2000 computer.

These described activities are applied to the following programs and System Program

Dec 1994- Jan 2001, Computer Systems Avionics Engineer, ASC/YDQ B-1B Aircraft System Program Office (SPO):

Contractor: Boeing North American, Inc. Seal Beach, California and 4 Subcontractors. Computer Software Configurations Items (CSCIs): EWSS Software: IDECM CSCIs (3), ALR-56M CSCIs (3), IMPLC. EWCS Software: CD OFP and SIU. DSUP Defensive System Upgrade OFPs: AFS, CITS, EMUX, and FCGMS.

Dec 1992- Dec 1994, Computer Systems Avionics Engineer, ASC/ VCEA Advance Cruise Missile System Program Office (SPO):

Same responsibilities as above. Contractor: Hughes Missile Systems Company, San Diego, California. Computer Software Configurations Items (CSCI): Operational Flight Software (OFS), Resident Test Software, Field calibration Software, Mission Planning Systems.

May 1992- Dec 1992: Computer Systems Avionics Engineer, ASC/VFEA F15 Aircraft System Program Office (SPO):

Same responsibilities as above for the Programmable Armament Control Set (PACS) software that resides in the F-15 aiircraft. Contractor: McDonnell Douglas , St. Louis Missouri.

Feb 1990- May 1992: Computer Systems Avionics Engineer, ASC/SDEA:

B-52 software classified. Same responsibilities as above. Contractor: Boeing, Wichita, Kansas.

Jan 1985-Feb 1990 ASC/AEEA: Electronics Engineer, ASC/AEEA :

~ Mark XV Identification Friend or Foe.
Contractor: Bendix, Raytheon and Itatel Responsible for 4 CSCIs: Transponder, Evaluator,
Receiver/Transmitter and Synchronizer.
~ GPS-DAC Global Positioning System- Digital to Analog Converter, Harris Corporation.
Preparation for Source Selection. Wrote system specifications and evaluation criteria.
~ STD/F-15 Ring Laser Gyro Inertial Navigation Unit. Contractors: Litton & Honeywell.
The system consists of five CPCIs: Navigation Processor, Sensor Data Correction Processor
#1, Sensor Data Correction Processor #2 Power Supply Sequencer (PSS) and Amux. Software
Engineering support since source selection, and these programs are now in production

~ Mission Planning Calculator System (MPCS), Electronics Engineer Contractor:
Horizons Technology Inc (HTI), San Diego, California.

Jan 1984-Dec 1984: ASD/ENASC Electronics Engineer :

Assigned in my home office on individual training programs. However, supported the B-1B Simulator Training SPO during Source Selection and Preliminary Design Reviews as software engineer.

1979-1982:Dayton Power & Light Co.; Dayton, OH: Electrical Engineer:

Responsible for analytical studies leading to issue and maintenance of field engineering
and construction standards:

~ Responsible for preparation of specifications and testing of hardware requirements for
installation and maintenance of 11.4 KV and 13.2 KV power distribution lines:
~ Feasibility Tests: Conduct new equipment feasibility tests on transformers and other power distribution materials.

~ Distribution Transformers: Designed, programmed and implemented ANSI standard distribution transformers data base ( in Fortran under SAS) to facilitate variety of complex distribution transformer studies.

~ PCB Overhead Capacitors: Designed and programmed computer programs to minimize tank
rupture of PCB overhead capacitors.

~ Quality Of New Products: Wrote evaluation reports on quality of new products and prepare deviation on vendor guarantee parameters.

1973- 1978: Empresa de Energia Electrica de Bogota (Bogota’s Power & Light Co.) Bogota, Colombia:

~ Modernization of Distribution Power Lines: Engineered conversion of secondary
voltage from 150 volts to 120 volts in metropolitan area of Bogota.

~ Construction Standards: Established construction standards to install overhead lines
in urban and rural areas;

~ FORTRAN IV and PL/1: Designed and implemented several computer programs in those languages to calculate voltage drops and regulation and to display optimal field service configurations.

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